New-Skin: Liquid Bandage


Coolness Rating – 8/10


Yesterday I got a nasty cut while I was cooking dinner. 

As I was about to reach for the conventional band-aid, I remembered hearing about some sort of liquid band-aid. 

Since this was an awkward finger cut, I thought I would check out this new product.




I went to my local pharmacy and found 3 options:

  1. New-Skin Liquid -$6.99
  2. New-Skin Spray – ??
  3. Generic Liquid – $4.99

The ingredients on the brand name and generic were different, but the pharmacist told me that they’re pretty much the same.  Regardless, I decided to pay the extra $2 and got the New-Skin.


Clean affected area, MAKE SURE IT’S DRY, and then dab on a small amount. 

(I took a shower before my first application so my skin wasn’t dry. This forced me to re-apply a dab 15 min later.)

The bottle says to re-apply 2 or 3 times daily, but I haven’t needed to re-apply.


Works as promised, creates a barrier, relieves irritations, is waterproof (if you don’t rub it).  Overall I was very impressed with this product.


  1. Smell – This stuff smells like nail polish removal, and though it fades slowly through the day, it is quite pungent at first.
  2. Too much quantity – I realize it’s a business, but this one ounce bottle will probably last me for 5 – 10 years, or until it dries up (as there doesn’t appear to be an expiration date).  I would have much rather gotten a small 0.18oz crazy glue style bottle and paid 1/3 of the retail.

Other Comments:

Speaking of crazy glue, I’ve heard that it is also quite effective at closing cuts.  However, this product is a combination of an antiseptic and adhesive, so I think it’s worth the price.


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